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Create Beneficiary User Wallets

Create Beneficiary User Wallets

This allows you to create beneficiary user wallets and specify wallet currency. There can only be one wallet per currency. Note that you can also create user beneficary user wallets simple by using the transfer funds api. If you use transfer funds and the currency wallet doesnt exist for the beneficiary, it will create it for them.


Header Parameters


bearer access_token



Request Parameters


String length: inclusive between 1 and 25


String length: inclusive between 1 and 25


String length: inclusive between 1 and 100


String length: 3

Reponse Parameters

WalletID—Wallet ID
WalletName—Wallet name
WalletCurrency— Wallet currency name


Always returned Indicates the status of the operation. Allowed parameters are:
Errors - Displays an error message if the Property name Obligation Definition/value operation was unsuccessful. For more information, see API Error Message Appendix.
Success—Indicates whether the operation was successful. Returns True if the action was successful or False if it was not successful.

Sample Request:

  "CreateUserWallet": {
    "request": {
        "IssuerAccountNumber":"SPN Account Number",
        "UserID": "PAT Account Number",
        "WalletName": "Wallet Name",
        "WalletCurrency": "Currency Code"

Sample Response:

	"CreateUserWalletResponse": {
		"CreateUserWalletResult": {
			"WalletID": 75429,
			"WalletName": "AnyPay",
			"WalletCurrency": "USD",
			"OperationStatus": {
				"Success": true,
				"Errors": null