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Payment Methods

Remitter Payment Methods

Choose the payment method. You can pay to the XTRM 'AnyPay™' digital wallet (recommended) where the user can choose how to transfer the funds out of XTRM. Alternatively you create a pass through payment directly to a number of end points such as Bank Account, PayPal or a Prepaid Debit Card.


Header Parameters


bearer access_token



Request Parameters

No request parameters

Reponse Parameters


Returned if successful List of payment methods found. For each payment methods, the following parameters are returned:
PaymentMethodId—Unique Payment method ID. Use XTR94502, XTR94500, XTR94501, XTR94503 to send money to Personal Beneficiary. Use XTR94504, XTR94500, XTR94501 to send money to company beneficiary.
PaymentMethodName—Payment method name


Always returned Indicates the status of the operation. Allowed parameters are:
Errors - Displays an error message if the Property name Obligation Definition/value operation was unsuccessful. For more information, see API Error Message Appendix.
Success—Indicates whether the operation was successful. Returns True if the action was successful or False if it was not successful.

Sample Request:


Sample Response:

    "GetPaymentMethodsResponse": {
        "PaymentMethodResult": {
            "PaymentMethods": {
                "PaymentMethodDetails": [{
						"PaymentMethodId": "XTR94502",
						"PaymentMethodName": "AnyPay Individual"
						"PaymentMethodId": "XTR94500",
						"PaymentMethodName": "Bank"
						"PaymentMethodId": "XTR94504",
						"PaymentMethodName": "AnyPay Company"
						"PaymentMethodId": "XTR94501",
						"PaymentMethodName": "PayPal"
						"PaymentMethodId": "XTR94503",
						"PaymentMethodName": "Prepaid Virtual Debit Card"
            "OperationStatus": {
                "Success": true,
                "Errors": null