Choose whether to pay individuals or companies in any currency anywhere in the world.

Total Flexibility

XTRM provides both personal and company direct payments in a fast and highly efficient manner. After all payment data is submitted to the XTRM AnyPay™ platform, then you can choose whether to pay directly to individuals or to a company. Payment information can be generated in SalesForce or any PRM or ERP or home grown system and then transferred to us for processing through the XTRM Connect™ API (XAPI) or via simple spreadsheet file transfer. You can track and manage every payment 24/7 and produce detailed reports as required. The fees are the same regardless of your payment option.

Company Payments (Company Direct)

You can pay companies or partners directly using our 'Company Direct' option. For aggregated payments such as SPIF’s, bonuses or similar, all 'Company Direct' transfers include a full breakdown for the receiving company and they can subsequently move the funds to their business bank accounts, PayPal business account or even distribute it using XTRM AnyPay™to their own employees.

Distribute to individuals via AnyPay™

In certain circumstances companies may be receiving an aggregated payment for a variety of reason such as sales SPIF’s or bonuses. Receiving companies can login to XTRM to see the amount received and transaction breakdown and either complete the processing within XTRM to have the individuals paid to their personal XTRM accounts or else transfer the funds directly to their business bank account via ACH or WIRE. If you are a receiving company and require a login to XTRM to view your received payments, please use the email that you received payment notification. If you don't know your password, click to reset it HERE. If you are having and problems logging in please email

Company can login and check received balance.

Managing received funds

Once you receive funds you can transfer to your business bank account or PayPal account. Simply link your bank account using the 'link bank account' instructions. If you want to continue and process the payments to the individual reward recipients, please click HERE for guidance.

Personal Payments

Make payments to individuals anywhere in the world in any currency or type. XTRM provides a simple and powerful way for you to pay the recipients that gives them the choice of payment method. See the table below you the list of personal payment options. Remember that after a personal payment is made to the user, they can decide which of the following method of receiving the rewards works best for them.

Personal Payments via AnyPay™

Personal payments avoids you having to choose what final payment method you use for your reward recipients. All payments are made into the users personal account and then they can choose to transfer out via ACH, Wire, PayPal, Digital Gift Card or Prepaid Virtual Visa anywhere in the world. All transfers are secure and self serve and give the recipient freedom to select their preferred transfer method. It allows them to search and link to their preferred bank anywhere in the world or transfer to their PayPal account and make the transfers without having to submit any confidential banking information. They can transfer as much or little as they like, anytime they like as well as gift payments to other people.

Your Brand

All Personal digital wallet recipients are alerted as to their new payment with a branded email with your logo and payout description and a link to view their balance and recent transactions.

Personal Digital Wallet Benefits

  • No need to for you decide on payment method. Recipient can choose.
  • Instant Payments
  • Partner or rep self serve transfers to bank account, PayPal, Gift Card or Prepaid Virtual Visa Card or Cryptocurrency
  • Branded alert emails
  • Global
  • All currencies
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Tracked
  • All Digital

Example user experience - Payment Options