Flexible Partner Payment Capabilities Support Many Program Types


The XTRM Pay™ Global Rewards Payment Platform, participant portal and APIs support cost-efficient partner and partner sales rep incentives for any type of rewards programs. You can set-up your program in your branded session of XTRM and provide secure access for your eligible partners via single sign-on (SSO) from your partner portal or simply run your own custom program and port the payment information directly to XTRM via file upload or API to tap into our wide variety of cost-efficient payment options.   

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Rewarding partner loyalty and motivating the desired behaviors of partner employees is essential to success in indirect channel.  Whether your program rewards participants for the sale of your product or service or for many steps-to-the-sale including training/certification, deal registration, user demos/proofs-of-concepts/installations, customer success stories, or other activities, XTRM offers the ability to reward partners and their sales teams faster than traditional methods.   



Spiffs are an effective way.  Claims based or automated from data within your Salesforce, XTRM has the platform and processes to streamline payments and solve the #1 complaint from partner sales reps -- having to wait!



Whether you’re paying partners for one-time referrals or on a recurring basis for ongoing and renewal business, XTRM can help streamline the payment process using XTRM Connect API™



XTRM offers end-to-end claims process management.  Participants, partners and client users alike can login to the program portal to see claims status; and, upon approval, the status of their reward payments.   



Rewarding partner sales reps for completing training or certification requirements is easy using the XTRM Connect™ API and Data Submission Portal. It can be as simple as uploading a spreadsheet or fully automated via API calls to Salesforce or other system of record.



Offering partner rebates for achieving certain thresholds on a quarterly or annual basis can be essential to ensuring partner profitability in highly competitive markets. XTRM can help manage the payment process using our XTRM Connect™ API and Data Submission Portal.



At XTRM, we recognize that MDF programs are woefully under-utilized across the industry. If ease of use, speed of payment and transparency are important to you, our unique to the industry payment platform enables great flexibility and high transparency with respect to how partner funds are utilized at far lower administrative cost than traditional MDF service providers.



The XTRM Pay™ Global Reward Payment Platform can handle any type of attainment bonus while offering greater operational efficiencies and streamlined payment using any of our many payment methods globally. XTRM can manage the payment process using our XTRM Connect™ API and Data Submission Portal.



Use XTRM to drive your brand and sales through self-service or managed athlete performance awards and payments (contingency) and sponsorship programs. Use our advanced payment couponing and cash tools for performance payment to sponsor quickly and securely. 


Contingency Payments

Payments to athletes with cash to a reloadable VISA debit card or using your own branded Company Currency. Athlete performance data automatically collected, quantified and authenticated to ensure accurate fast and secure payments.



Create and send out thousands of branded coupons to event organizers all over the world, all online. No paper, printing, mailing. Fully tracked. Redeemable online or direct with you.




XTRM clients can brand their participant’s experience with their own company or program level branding.



Every XTRM registered user has their own secure access to the XTRM platform.  Registration can be done en masse at your program’s inception with a file upload or you can have each of your program participants self-register.  You can also have a designated partner administrative contact to register all their eligible employees.  



XTRM programs are designed to enable partner-level admin to manage their company’s participation.  To ensure there’s no conflicts, we ask self-registering participants to identify their company and we manage the



The very of the XTRM Pay™ Global Rewards Payment Platform is simple, easy, fast and secure payment processing to Any One – Individual or Partner Company, Any Where – in nearly every country in the world, Any Time – with digital delivery for maximum speed, Any Pay – in any payment methods that include multi-currency capabilities or via XTRM Any Pay™ where the choice of payment is given to the recipient.



Managing funds in the XTRM Pay™ Global Rewards Payment Platform is simple. You can establish funds to enable immediate payment by country or currency and manage the Budget available



XTRM supports claims-based reward programs with full claims details available to participants, associated partner admin users and client users making program audits easier and resolving partner inquiries immediately with online access to the claims details.  The details can be exported for custom reporting and analytics use.



XTRM provides access real-time program reporting and payment information anytime for all users – Company Program Managers and Internal Users, Partner Company Admin Users, Individual or Participant Users – based on their profile. and access reports with precise data for analytics, easily exporting your data to other systems for customized management reporting.



We take the burden of managing tax reporting off the table. Where required we capture recipient tax info such as W9s and 1099s in the US as part of the XTRM Pay™ payment process – and we generate the required reports at year end for you to comply with your reporting requirements.



Integration is simple and straight-forward using XTRM Connect™ API and developer tools to integrate with your existing CRM, PRM, ERP or internal systems, so you can complete the rewards process without needing detailed knowledge of payment systems.



Our multi-tenant SaaS platform is designed with the mobile user in mind. We strive to make every screen mobile readable and actionable for our clients and their partners and individual users.



Gamification is a proven strategy to drive higher engagement. Linking gamification outcomes with the most efficient payment platform – the XTRM Global Rewards Payment Platform – to offer top performers with higher value rewards is an excellent way to ensure even greater loyalty.