Pay any contractor for anything, anywhere, anytime, in any currency using XTRM Connect™ APIs or upload features. Fast. Simple. Secure. Turnkey tax reporting.


Using XTRM AnyPay™ platform gives your contractors the choice of how to receive payment and, for Company entities, enables them to pay their Individual team members directly from the funds you’ve provided. Each Individual recipient has the choice as to how to receive payment via either cash options including PayPal, Virtual Visa, transfer to their bank account or non-cash options including pre-paid Visa debit, digital gift cards and points. With simple a simple transaction fee based on your payment amounts; there are no monthly subscription fees and no setup costs.



Using XTRM AnyPay™, you can create (or add to) Company and/or Personal digital wallet to pay your contractors at any stage you determine. You can create single-stage or multi-stage payments based on whatever activities you designate, then upload qualified records for immediate fulfilment or use XTRM Connect™ APIs to fully automate payment.



XTRM AnyPay™ gives the recipient the choice as to how to receive payment via both cash and non-cash options to their bank account, PayPal, Virtual or Plastic Visa, Digital gift cards and Points or Cryptocurrency. And XTRM handles the burden of tax reporting/management regardless of where or how the payments are made.


Pay Anyone

XTRM AnyPay™ enables paying both Individual and Company entities. XTRM can manage the entire payment process, remove all the paperwork, currency exchange, tax management and compliance hassles. Company accounts enable recipients to receive and distribute funds so they can easily transfer payments to individuals or team members.


Pay Anywhere

XTRM enables payment to anyone, anywhere. (Unless subject to US anti-terrorism limitations., e.g., Iran, North Korea, Libya).

*Subject to US anti-terrorism limitations and economic embargos, e.g., Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.


Pay in Any Currency - Lower Exchange Fees

XTRM AnyPay™ offers payments in over 140 currencies at favorable exchange rates, so you can fund you account in a single currency and your participants can receive payment in any currency.


Pay Anytime

You can set-up single-step or multi-stage payments to trigger payments whenever a qualifying activity is completed. Payments are fast, secure and near real-time.


Pay via Any Method

Through XTRM Connect™ you can use a simple file transfer process to upload payment requests or use our RESTful APIs to automate the process.


Fast Secure Compliant

Payments are fast, secure and near real-time.


Turnkey Tax Reporting

XTRM handles the capture and submission of tax information on your behalf.