Track Your Employee’s Reward Payments and Leaderboards


As a Partner Administrator you can login 24/7 to review program performance and payments to see summary and detailed transaction information:

  • By Status
  • By Vendor/By Program
  • By Employee (Sales Rep)
  • By Sale or Activity Date
  • By Payment Date

The data is searchable keywords and can be downloaded for use with any of your reporting and analytic tools.

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As a Partner Administrator you can view leaderboards which display your employees ranked by their activity level.


Distributions & Transfers

As a Partner Administrator you manage the Partner level account within the system and have the ability to make distributions and transfers from the Partner level account should any earnings accrue to it.  


Payment Tracking

As a Partner Administrator you can also see the payment transactions for your employees up through the Receive status.  To ensure payment security and privacy, Individual accounts showing how the payments are utilized are not available.