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XTRM Referral Partners earn automatic payments for any rewards issued by XTRM for approved Client program opportunities registered with XTRM.

XTRM Referral Partner - Simple Revenue Rebate

You can facilitate the introduction, participate in as many of the pre-sales calls and demos as you like -- or simply provide us the required information about the Opportunity. Either way, if the deal closes within 90 days, you’ll be receiving the XTRM Referral Rebate paid quarterly for one full year from the first payments issued. If, after 90 days, the deal is still in the works you can resubmit the Opportunity to qualify it for an additional 90 days.

Our rewards program portal and payments platform is turnkey.

  • Presale
    • Customer Discovery & Product Demo
    • Business Requirements
    • SSO requirements (small customization fee may apply)
    • Scope/SOW
  • Development
    • Program Portal Configuration
    • Claims Process Workflow
    • Payments Process
      • XTRM Connect Portal
      • XTRM Connect API
    • Client Onboarding Tools
  • Implementation
    • Program Funding
    • Program Portal
    • Claims
    • Rewards Payments
    • User Training Tools
    • Support/Ticketing
  • Reporting
    • Online Reporting
    • Leaderboards
    • Tax Reporting
    • Rebate Reporting

For a quick comparison of partner programs refer to the XTRM Partner Program Features

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