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XTRM Reseller Partner - Recurring Revenue Rebate

How can we help you further qualify and close your prospect or customer and how can we help you provide your customer with the information they need to complete their due diligence and select the right rewards platform to fit their needs?

And we continue to help your customers leverage the platform to reward their partner’s firms and individual team members inside those firms.

  • Presale
    • Customer Discovery & Product Demo
    • Business Requirements
    • SSO requirements (small customization fee may apply)
    • Scope/SOW
  • Development
    • Program Portal Configuration
    • Claims Process Workflow
    • Payments Process
      • XTRM Connect Portal
      • XTRM Connect API
    • Client Onboarding Tools
  • Implementation
    • Program Funding
    • Program Portal
    • Claims
    • Rewards Payments
    • User Training Tools
    • Support/Ticketing
  • Reporting
    • Online Reporting
    • Leaderboards
    • Tax Reporting
    • Rebate Reporting

If you or your firm think you can benefit from having XTRM capabilities available to resell, please contact us. We can also be reached by phone: 866-367-9289 or email: