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The XTRM global rewards payment platform is used by leading vendors and manufacturers to reward their partners and partners’ employees for their performance. As their business partner, XTRM provides you with the tools to more effectively manage these programs and your employees’ participation regardless of whether rewards are made directly to individuals or teams or aggregated at the company level for distribution. XTRM also offers the ability for channel partners to operate and fund their own incentives leveraging our many payment options to reward their teams on a pay-as-you-go basis without complex pricing and lengthy contracts.

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You, your sales reps or any employee can register to receive vendor rewards. As a manager, you can access reporting to see who has received rewards and who the top performing individuals and teams are. A single account is all that is required to receive rewards from any participating manufacturer. You can access your partner account 24 x 7 to see every transaction, and export any data required for tracking and reporting purposes. You can even run your own programs or run them on behalf of your supplier.

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Vendor and manufacturer rewards are offered with a wide variety of reward payment options include VISA debit, Virtual VISA, PayPal, Retail Gift Cards, Coupons, Company Currency, points and now, XTRM AnyPay™, which enables the recipient to choose the payment method of their preference. Different programs may use different payout methods at the funding organization’s discretion. Digitally delivered to device or desktop, XTRM enables rewarding individuals and companies in nearly any currency, anywhere.

Payment types vary by Vendor Program as may the business rules governing how payments are issued, managed and distributed.

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Many ways to receive rewards:


Access real-time program reporting and payment information anytime for all your employees participating in vendor sponsored spiffs and rewards programs. Use your online account anytime to view employees receiving incentive rewards from vendor partners Encourage your best performers to maximize your benefits. Track and manage all their payouts and access reports with precise data for analytics, easily exporting your data to other systems for customized management reporting.

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